Our Structure


Alaymont Model of Structure:



Alaymont hosts groups (minimum of 5 people), not individuals. Our model is based around this. 



Alaymont aims through the project, to increase the professional skills and language competences of trainees in various professions. 


Host Family:

The trainee is placed with a host family to help with that. It will be welcoming and inclusive without being intrusive. Typically, it will include the trainee in the normal life of the family, extending good Irish hospitality, giving trainees insights into Irish culture and family life.  This also gives the trainees the opportunity to practice and improve language skills. Trainees have single (or twin if sharing with a member of their group) room accommodation and their laundry is included with the family wash. Ironing is the responsibility of the trainee.


Host Company:

The host company is where the trainee will spend the most concentrated part of the programme. We ask the host company to appoint a liaison supervisor so that the trainee has a specified person to talk with in the event of a problem.  Which placement they receive and what duties they have are completely dependent on the work placement application completed by them personally and the level of English they use. They are also told that there are rules to the placement, that they are expected to keep to agreed times and that they turn up every day etc.  They are treated the same as any normal employee. 


Sample Programme:

The programme involves some or all of these elements:

  1. Language development and induction course
  2. Preparation for work placement
  3. Cultural Programme
  4. Family accommodation
  5. Local travel allowance paid by Alaymont on behalf of the sending organisation
  6. Supervision and support while trainees are in Ireland
  7. A period of unpaid internship / placement with a company in line with the skills / field of study of the participant

As part of the overall agreement, the beneficiary is required to:

  1. Attend and commit to their language training and/or Work Preparation 
  2. Attend work, and complete all tasks assigned to them, which will be agreed between them and their supervisor at their host organisation, to the best of their ability. 
  3. Commit to punctuality and willingness for both their language training and work placement. 
  4. Show respect towards their host family, with regard to attendance at meals and general behaviour. They are also expected to make a good effort to communicate with the family to improve their language skills.

Additional Supports:

The sender organisation is responsible for insurance.

The mentor, as a support service, will be assigned when the students arrive, and it will be a member of the Alaymont team. 

Trainees will be monitored by both telephone calls and personal visits. Evaluation forms will be completed by their host company, their host families and by themselves throughout their stay in Ireland. 



Our evaluation process is a two way process, that allow us to evaluate the students language skills, social skills and professional skills.  

Family Evaluation:

Both the trainees and the host families complete separate evaluation forms at different times throughout their stay, reporting on social and language skills

Training Evaluation:

Both the trainees and their language teacher complete separate evaluation forms on language skills and level of improvement

Work Placement Evaluation:

Both the host organisation and trainees complete evaluation forms to tell us about skills and abilities, initiative, tasks assigned and general behaviour within the company.

Final Report:

All the information is gathered into a final report on each student, which we forward on to the sender. 


Certificates of completion are also awarded to the trainees.