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Arrival, Language and Cultural Preparation:


We find it best if a group arrives in Ireland on a Sunday night.

When a trainee group comes to Ireland, we ALWAYS meet them at the airport.

We bring them to a meeting point where they meet their host families for the first time in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. The trainee receives a comprehensive information pack including their local travel pass if this has been included.

The following day they begin the language development programme with a simple test, followed by a visit to the city of Dublin.

On Day 2, they begin classes based on the level of their English.

During the language course, we bring the group on cultural outings when a budget is provided as detailed in our services outline.

Every trainee is expected, no matter what, to attend the Language Course EVERY DAY.




Most important of all is the placement and preparation, and matching is the core of a successful programme.

During the first part of the programme (the Language course), they also learn about the Irish working environment and may be given mock interviews.

They may have to do a real interview with the host company.

On the Monday, they will begin their work experience.

They will work the same hours as any employee. 

They will be visited at work without warning during the placement.

No matter what duties they are asked to perform at work, they are expected to attend EVERY DAY.





They must attend regular evening meetings for supervision and completion of forms for the final report.



Full reporting is carried out using our observations, the continuous evaluations of company, trainee, teacher and host family to give a full and balanced picture of the experience. This is done through personal interaction and the completion of a series of forms. Every group has a completed set of forms for each trainee, the personal report of each trainee, and our project report.

This reporting is part of our quality assurance system.


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