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About Alaymont:

Alaymont started as a training and business support company in 1993, and in 1994 was invited to host its first ever group of trainees under PETRA. This was the transnational training programme funded by the EU at that time. Petra has since been replaced by Leonardo da Vinci and most recently by Erasmus +.

The International division of the company was specially set up to provide the required support for participants and over time became a separate business. Alaymont has hosted groups multiple times from France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Romania Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Malta, Portugal, Croatia, Sweden, Germany, and the United States. Other countries have sent groups on a one-off basis.

Since the Brexit referendum, Alaymont has been contacted by several additional groups who were no longer happy to go to the UK. Already we have begun to receive these groups. We anticipate that our schedule will be much busier as Brexit gains momentum.  

Alaymont coordinate all aspects of the programme in Ireland whether funded under Erasmus+ or a different mechanism. Every group gets the same detailed attention.



Alaymont Support:

Areas where we support senders before trainees arrive in Ireland include:

Funding Proposals/Applications

Selection of Trainees 

(to ensure the programme runs successfully)

  • Our criteria is never academic achievement, but rather motivation and language proficiency. We do not recommend that a trainee with less than intermediate standard of English take part in a programme.
  • Pre-selection interviews. We have, on occasion, used Skype interviews and even travelled to the senders to do this.
  • We use a detailed, online application process and English proficiency test to gather the information which allows us to match trainees with the right families and companies where their specific talents and professional aims will be matched to one another.


Trainees are met at the airport and brought to a rendezvous point by private bus. 

They receive a comprehensive information pack including a virtually unlimited Dublin public transport pass, details of our 24 emergency phone number and of course full directions and contact details for the host company.

The Programme needs a period at the start of induction, preparation and familiarisation to maximise the value of the experience.

It can also include a language course and a cultural programme alongside the professional development provided by the work placement. (Subject of course to the provision of an appropriate budget)

For the work placement they should be at work for the normal 35-40 hours per week. We coordinate all aspects of the programme in Ireland.

We select trainees, match them with families and companies where their specific talents and professional aims will be matched to one another.

We coordinate the induction and language training, provide local travel passes and support services.